Your Life Needs Commercial Breaks

Commercial breaks act as a time to take a breath and process what just happened in that segment of life. They allow time to tell how you’re feeling and quite literally get a drink of water. Without them, life would be on a never-ending Oprah episode where she gives away stress and frustration. Imagine with me for a second…

“Check under your chairs, everyone! 372 emails from your coworkers and clients that need answering immediately!” I can imagine the groans in the crowd and people breaking down in tears only to realize this gift didn’t come with a receipt and there’s no place to return it. The producer then comes to save the day with a cut-to-commercial gesture so the unfortunate participants can take a breather before all hell breaks loose. Four minutes go by and the show is live again. Most of the crowd is calm and collected because they took a couple minutes to come to terms with what is happening and realize they can handle it.


Your Life Needs Commercial Breaks

You and everyone else in this world need commercial breaks. Anyone with any responsibilities needs them.

Remember as a kid when your mom would tell you to clean your room and the smallest of things would distract you? That was your commercial break.

How about in high school with the advisory class? That class was designed to catch up or to take a break from the other classes. Most kids viewed it as nap time, their own version of a commercial break without consciousness.

Now as an adult, you’re inundated with things to do and meetings to go to and… wait… what’s for dinner?


For me, a commercial break consists of spending some time on a thoughtless site like Reddit or listening to a podcast. If the situation is right, the time could also be spent gaming with friends. For my wife, it’s playing guitar, adding more pins to her boards, and catching up with her virtual friends on One Tree Hill.

Here are a few more suggestions:

  • Read a few chapters of a book you’ve put off
  • Write about how your feeling that day
    • Write for 5 minutes non-stop
  • Keep track of a few blogs
    • Hubspot, Fast Company
  • Take up a mobile game to play in moderation
  • Do a few push ups to get your blood flowing
  • Go back to the basics
    • Take a walk
    • Work out
    • Power nap


Without these breaks, you’ll go insane. I mean, it’s pretty common sense to take breaks every once in a while, but you may get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that you forget to give yourself time to breathe.

You could find yourself on the verge of tears when you can’t find the asparagus in HEB or when the radio plays “Uptown Funk” and you’ve already heard it 7 times that day. Little things like this will set you off and ruin your day all because you had no time to take a second to stop and breathe. 

Find a getaway, a mental escape. There is somewhere you can take your mind to get away from the stress bombarding your life but it’s up to you to find it. what is your break?