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quickbooks - Self employed

Hands-down the best way to categorize transactions, track mileage, and manage invoices. Whenever it comes time to file, you can export everything to TurboTax with one click. I've written more about Quickbooks here. Definitely a must-have for anyone making side-gig  or full-time money.

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Live Chat

From experience, people will use a quick chat option more often than sending an email. There's just something satisfying about getting a quick response which acts as your time to make a sale or create a client. Questions? Click my LiveChat in the corner. Available on Apple, Android, and OSX as a standby app, LiveChat is the best way to serve your website visitors.

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LiveChat Expert



Having tried both MailChimp and ConvertKit, it's safe to say that both have growing to do. ConvertKit has a very easy user interface but MailChimp has the ability to style emails the way you actually want them. In the end, ConvertKit is great for simple text emails but not much more.

Think of MailChimp as the best start at creating your list.

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G Suite by Google

If your '' doesn't end in your web domain name, you cheapen your brand and are portrayed as inexperienced. I have good news, you can get that and much more with a normal gmail account.

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Squarespace is for the people and businesses who need somewhat minimal design without all the crazy bells and whistles. Yes, Squarespace is always adding new features that consistently improve the platform but the base has always been more than enough for me and my clients.

Check out what I really think about Squarespace.