Best Practices

This has been adapted from various sources and isn't original content but will help us in our goal towards world domination.


Author Bios

Author bios are a big part of this website and ultimately what's going to drive traffic back to your site. Unfortunately, this template (Five) doesn't come with author bios so we need to insert them manually after each post. Good thing it's simple. 

  1. Insert a line block at the end the blog post for a break.
  2. Insert a markdown block with the following code and your content in it. I can help format your bio if you need help.
  3. Lastly, insert an image block with your picture and resize to expand the dialogue without shrinking the picture. 

Under the code is an example of what it should look like. 

<div style="background-color:rgba(161, 195, 200, 0.3);
            padding:20px 20px 20px 20px;">
<span style="line-height:1em; font-size:17px;">

How it should look with the right markdown.


Blog Post Format

A blog post contains several areas that require our attention and care. Six parts of the anatomy of a lead-generating blog post:

  • Eye-catching title
  • In-text links to landing pages
  • Sidebar/banner calls to action
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Call to action at the bottom
  • Relevancy—making sure the post is relevant from top to bottom


Joost de Valk: “The heading structure of your pages is one of the very important aspects of on-page SEO. It defines which parts of your content are important, and how they’re interconnected."

  • Each heading should contain valuable keywords; if not, it’s a wasted heading
  • For longer pieces of content, a heading is what helps a reader skip to the parts that he/she finds interesting


Please, nothing watermarked and no cheesy stock pics. Readers are visual learners and images can help people take in and retain information better.

Five ways the right photo can increase readership and blog views:

  • Convey the overall feeling or emotion of your post
  • Illustrate a metaphor or analogy that is part of your main idea
  • Evoke surprise or curiosity
  • Complement your headline
  • Make your reader smile


Most search engines will use a maximum of 160 characters for your post description on their results pages. If you don’t create a meta-description (defined as a “…concise summary of your page’s content”), a search engine will often take the first 160 characters it finds on your page instead.

Note too, that when you create a meta-description that is fewer than 160 characters, you’ll see the full description in the search engine. Otherwise it will be cut off.


Revise and Check

Like other forms of writing, a blog post is rarely completed in one draft. Many writers find it helpful to take a post through several revisions and fine-tune the post as you go along. Check grammar, spelling and punctuation, and make sure that all of your links are working.


Remember these things

  1. Invite readers to reach you directly at your email address to ask a question

  2. Add at least 1 question at the end of each social post that enables followers to share their knowledge and expertise

  3. Respond to all comments meaningfully and USE THEIR NAME!

  4. Creep commenters and (if they have a blog) engage on their blog/social

  5. Write only what your readers want and expect from you. Nothing else

  6. Frame posts to be specific + helpful to your reader

  7. Find ideal readers in Facebook groups, note down + categorize most frequent questions. Write about that

  8. Ask a reader personally to chat and then learn what their struggles related to your topic are. Write about that too

  9. Find what gets you the most engagement now & do more of that

  10. Ask for help from readers to determine which projects and posts to complete/write

  11. Our readers trust us because we're just like them. Capitalize on that.

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