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From Fiverr (check out What Kind of Logo Do You Get for $5?) to 99designs, the public is being conditioned to think that logos and design work are worth less than an hour at minimum wage, that design principles are simply based on simply not using comic sans, and the maker behind the design is available 24/7.

Because, hey, you work at home and don't need sleep. Sleep is for quitters.

Nerdy Details exists to inspire change in those spoon-fed ways of thinking. I mean, we can't blame the public demand for a $5 logo when others are offering and delivering them, albeit sometimes plagiarized. We can blame ourselves when our careers are devalued and we look the other way. 

What matters most is talking about the unseen details of creative careers that are often overlooked but bring value to the industry. Design services have become streamlined to a plug-and-play degree of already made icons and universal typefaces. 

Human discretion, thought, and expertise can't be replaced. 


The big nerd


Colton Mathieu

Colton is a branding and web designer for startup, small businesses, and churches and owner of CocoTheBear.com. He's been at this gig for a while and enjoys most moments of it. Having a blog was always an interest but was actually put into action after seeing how cheapened design services became while trying to land contracts.

In his free time, him and his wife talk all things chicken tenders at TenderLovingThoughts.com and have deemed themselves experts in the poultry department. Outside of design, writing, and chicken, Colton can be found on xbox by the gamertag "coco". Hit him up.

You can find him on Facebook, Instagram, or by email at chat@NerdyDetails.com. If none of those work, just yell "WOW! WHAT A GREAT LOGO FOR ONLY $5!" and he's sure to show up.